Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AC Tetovo Youth Inter-Ethnic Leadership Program: BE A LEDER!

The 7 months lasting hard work of the youth activities at the American Corner Tetovo is finally successfully crowned, in the Youth Inter-Ethnic Leadership Program: BE A LEADER, held in Popova Sapka from June 28-30, 2011. 

24 participants attended the camp, age 17 – 24 from Tetovo, Gostivar and Kicevo and of different ethnical backgrounds such as Albanians, Macedonians, Roma, Turks etc. They have all attended the Leadership Program enriched by different guest speakers, also from different ethnical backgrounds that live in Macedonia as well as guest speakers from the US Embassy in Skopje. The students were trained through workshops, lectures, different discussion activities and American Creative Games.

Everything started last December, through Outreaches and Inreach events, presenting and advertising the Leadership Camp and inviting young people to apply and become part of our Youth Clubs, such as Debate Club, Boys’ Club – Tetovo United, Journalism Club, Club Glow and Book Club. During all of these sessions they have attended and gained a lot of information in a creative way about Leadership and its functioning. The Program was supported and funded by the US Embassy in Skopje, through Performance Funds Grants. 

To see the full album, please go HERE

The certificates were presented to the students at the US Embassy in Skopje by Brian Bauer, representative of the Public Affairs Section. Album.

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