Wednesday, July 20, 2011

*ACS Summer Leadership Camp* Registration is now OPEN!

ACS Leadership Inter-Ethnic Camp 2011 

American Corners Skopje, Stip and Struga are looking for 37 of the country’s Top Young Leaders to further their development at the ACS ( Skopje, Stip & Struga) Leadership Inter- ethnic Camp August 2-5 at Hotel Solferino in Struga, Macedonia.
Hotel Solferino, Struga
Attendance at the camp is completely free of charge and includes all accommodation, workshops, meals, insurance and transportation.

The application deadline is July 21st, 2011. If you are interested, please send your completed application to the American Corner near you (AC Skopje, Stip or Struga).

What is the ACM Leadership Inter-Ethnic Camp 2011?
The ACM Leadership Inter-Ethnic Camp 2011 is a four day camp that hosts 37 of the best 15-18 year old young leaders in Macedonia 37 young people from across the country will gather at the Solferino Resort in Struga for four action-packed days from August 2-5, 2011 [Image] Hotel Solferino, Struga
[Image] The rooms at Hotel Solferino

(see more about the hotel here)
The camp will be entirely run in English and focuses on the development of leadership & inter-ethnic  skills through diverse workshops, sports, team building games, offering a good blend of practical and theory. 
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Who is eligible for the camp?
To be eligible, you will need to meet the following criteria: Be 15-18yrs old at the time of the camp Be open to new things and willing to work in multi-ethnic environment Be enthusiastic, motivated and committed to developing your leadership skills & inter-ethnic skills and experience Be proficient in English.
What happens during the four day camp?  

[Image] Announcement, pg-1 The Camp will be run by the staff from American Corners Skopje, Stip & Struga, U.S Peace Corps Volunteers and other distinguished guest speakers. The programme itself offers a range of leadership & inter- ethnic activities and workshops. There is also time built in for relaxation, games and evening social activities, co-ordinated by trained staff.   

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What you get out of this camp?  

You will learn new skills and work in a multi-cultural environment, Be part of a project that will really make a difference, Meet new friends and broaden your horizons, and Spend 4 days in a great hotel in the beautiful Struga, with great people. *ALL EXPENCES PAID!*

To apply:

Download the application from
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and send it to your American Corner NO LATER THAN July 21, 2011.
 for Skopje: for Stip: for Struga: Selected candidates will be announced on JULY 26.

Good Luck! :-)

AC Tetovo Youth Inter-Ethnic Leadership Program: BE A LEDER!

The 7 months lasting hard work of the youth activities at the American Corner Tetovo is finally successfully crowned, in the Youth Inter-Ethnic Leadership Program: BE A LEADER, held in Popova Sapka from June 28-30, 2011. 

24 participants attended the camp, age 17 – 24 from Tetovo, Gostivar and Kicevo and of different ethnical backgrounds such as Albanians, Macedonians, Roma, Turks etc. They have all attended the Leadership Program enriched by different guest speakers, also from different ethnical backgrounds that live in Macedonia as well as guest speakers from the US Embassy in Skopje. The students were trained through workshops, lectures, different discussion activities and American Creative Games.

Everything started last December, through Outreaches and Inreach events, presenting and advertising the Leadership Camp and inviting young people to apply and become part of our Youth Clubs, such as Debate Club, Boys’ Club – Tetovo United, Journalism Club, Club Glow and Book Club. During all of these sessions they have attended and gained a lot of information in a creative way about Leadership and its functioning. The Program was supported and funded by the US Embassy in Skopje, through Performance Funds Grants. 

To see the full album, please go HERE

The certificates were presented to the students at the US Embassy in Skopje by Brian Bauer, representative of the Public Affairs Section. Album.

AC Bitola Youth Leadership & Creative Writing Camp 2011

In order to enhance young people's creativity and generate understanding of the concept of leadership, the American Corner Bitola organized the Youth Leadership and Creative Writing Camp 2011 from 5th- 8th July. 

The Youth Leadership and Creative Writing Camp 2011 was an amazing opportunity for the 24 participants to learn more about the leadership concept through the various workshops organized in the beautiful camp site in Pretor, in Prespa. Traditionally, fourth year in a row, the Merrilee Cunningham Creative Writing Workshop also took place during this camp.

Peace Corps volunteers, representatives from various NGOs such as YMCA Bitola, Red Cross from Bitola, the President Ivanov School of Leaders –Alumni Association, Together Macedonia, the YES Alumni as well as the AC Bitola team of English teachers, AC Bitola interns, AC staff, all contributed tremendously to the success of the camp and with their presentations, enthusiasm and knowledge benefited everyone involved in this great project.
The biggest suprise was the camp video -  that the participants made on their own on the last day of the camp. 

Many thanks to everyone for the wonderful experience and the many happy moments and memeories.

 To see the camp photos, please go to this ALBUM. 

The Camp newsletter is available below:

July 2011 Monthly Programs

American Corner Skopje

American Corner Struga

American Corner Bitola

American Corner Tetovo
American Corner Stip