Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AC Bitola Youth Leadership & Creative Writing Camp 2011

In order to enhance young people's creativity and generate understanding of the concept of leadership, the American Corner Bitola organized the Youth Leadership and Creative Writing Camp 2011 from 5th- 8th July. 

The Youth Leadership and Creative Writing Camp 2011 was an amazing opportunity for the 24 participants to learn more about the leadership concept through the various workshops organized in the beautiful camp site in Pretor, in Prespa. Traditionally, fourth year in a row, the Merrilee Cunningham Creative Writing Workshop also took place during this camp.

Peace Corps volunteers, representatives from various NGOs such as YMCA Bitola, Red Cross from Bitola, the President Ivanov School of Leaders –Alumni Association, Together Macedonia, the YES Alumni as well as the AC Bitola team of English teachers, AC Bitola interns, AC staff, all contributed tremendously to the success of the camp and with their presentations, enthusiasm and knowledge benefited everyone involved in this great project.
The biggest suprise was the camp video -  that the participants made on their own on the last day of the camp. 

Many thanks to everyone for the wonderful experience and the many happy moments and memeories.

 To see the camp photos, please go to this ALBUM. 

The Camp newsletter is available below:

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