Friday, February 20, 2009

Semifinalists and finalists of the 4th Anniversary Photo Contest

"America Seen Through Macedonian Eyes"

Mihajlo Naumovski

Caption: L.A. Staples Center and Hollywood stars (kids playing)

Finalist: Kiril Gjorgov
Semifinalist: Tome Kolev

Caption: My idea of the picture is how Macedonians follow the trend of shopping in America.
Caption: A closeup of skyscrapers,
that makes a landscape of a modern city.

Finalist: Andrijana Naumovska
Caption: Skopje like New York

Semifinalist: Jadranka Jovanovska
Finalist: Ana Velkova

Caption: Shot of 42nd and St. New York (Times Square)
One of the busiest McDonald's locations in the world.
Caption: My idea is to represent the Macedonians and the Americans
through children. In spite of some differences, they could be good friends.

Semifinalst: Elena Prendzova

Caption: NY via SK: tourists - connection between the nations

Semifinalist: Natalija Jovanovik
Finalist: Jovanovski Mihajlo

Caption: Incontrovertible.
There must be better ways to look at the World
Caption: Chrystler Building among the NY skyline at night.
I love this building
, as great bacon of orientation for lost visitors,
like me when I was in NYC.

Semifinalist: Angela Stojanovska
Finalist:Ekatarina Labovik

Road to Freedom, power, literature, rock music...road to America!
Caption: New York feeling!

Semifinalist: Jovan Ambarkov

Caption: My brother and Ronald McDonald remind me of America

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