Friday, February 6, 2009

American Corner Skopje 4th Anniversary Photo Contest!

If you love challenges, grab your digital camera and take a look around you. Take a long hard look!

Is there anything you see in your own country that reminds you of America? What would that be? Capture that moment!
Use your own imagination to say “America” with one photo.

This contest is open for everyone: no matter your age, nor whether you like taking photographs as your hobby or you take photography a bit more seriously.
Your photo might be selected and exhibited in the Corner at the celebration of our 4th Anniversary. Send your photos to the American Corner Skopje ( until February 12th, 2009!!

To take part, the photos:
  • Must be taken by the contestant without anyone’s help in the Calendar Year 2009

  • Must be submitted in digital format. Printed photographs will not be accepted.

  • Should not exceed 4 mega pixels per image. Desired resolution is: 1500 x 2100 pixel dimensions or a photo taken with a 3.2 megapixel camera at the largest image setting.

  • Should be submitted as jpg images.

  • Minor digital enhancements to crop, filter and correct the photo are allowed, but images that have been judged to be significantly altered will be disqualified.

  • One contestant can submit only one photograph

  • The Photo Contest Application Page should be sent as well (request one on

  • Entries should be submitted no later than
    February 12th, 2009

All contest entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

* Topic Relevance – Is the photo an obvious illustration of the Photo Contest theme?

* Composition/Arrangement - Are the objects in the photo arranged in a meaningful, pleasing manner or are they chaotic?

* Creativity - Does the photographer show some creative thought or original idea in the making of this image?

Received images will be divided into three categories, based on the contestant’s age:

- category 1: up to 19 years
- category 2: 20 - 35 years
- category 3: over 35 years
All winners (2 will be selected for each category) will receive special prizes and signed certificates by the US Ambassador Philip Reeker.

The winners will be announced at the American Corner Skopje’s 4th anniversary on February 18th, 2009.

Deadline for submitting entries: February 12th

Download the application HERE ( Macedonia US Embassy Website)

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