Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Tuesday! - The U.S. Presidential Elections

Today is Super Tuesday, a big primary voting day in key US states!
Super Tuesday is the unofficial name given to the single day in a presidential election year on which many states hold primaries and caucuses.
To learn how the U.S. Presidential Elections work, take a look a this video:

Primary Schedule 2012
January 3,  Iowa (caucus)
January 10,  New Hampshire (primary)
January 21,  South Carolina (primary)
January 31,  Florida (primary)
February 4,  Nevada (caucus)

February 4–11,  Maine (caucus)

February 7,  Colorado (caucus)
                   Minnesota (caucus)
                   Missouri (primary)

February 28,  Arizona (primary)
                     Michigan (primary)
March 3,  Washington (caucus)

March 6,  (Super Tuesday)
                   Alaska (caucus)
                   Georgia (primary)
                   Idaho (caucus)
                   Massachusetts (primary)
                   North Dakota (caucus)
                   Ohio (primary)
                   Oklahoma (primary)
                   Tennessee (primary)
                   Texas (primary)
                   Vermont (primary)
                   Virginia (primary)

March 6-10,  Wyoming (caucus)

March 10,  Kansas (caucus)
                   U.S. Virgin Islands (caucus)

March 13,  Alabama (primary)
                   Hawaii (caucus)
                   Mississippi (primary)

March 17,  Missouri (GOP caucus)

March 20,  Illinois (primary)

March 24,  Louisiana (primary)
April 3,  District of Columbia (primary)
                   Maryland (primary)
                   Wisconsin (primary)

April 24,  Connecticut (primary)
                   Delaware (primary)
                   New York (primary)
                   Pennsylvania (primary)
                   Rhode Island (primary)
May 8,  Indiana (primary)
                   North Carolina (primary)
                   West Virginia (primary)

May 15,  Nebraska (primary)
                   Oregon (primary)

May 22,  Arkansas (primary)
                   Kentucky (primary)
June 5,   California (primary)
                   Montana (primary)
                   New Jersey (primary)
                   New Mexico (primary)
                   South Dakota (primary)

June 26,  Utah (primary)

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