Saturday, October 8, 2011

DC Comics artist Jamal Igle comes to Macedonia!

courtesy of Jamal Igle

COMIC WORKSHOP  with Artist Jamal Igle,
DC Comics

              Throughout his career, Jamal Igle has been working as an Art Instructor and creator of the first Comic Art course. He is the co-creator, graphic designer and illustrator of the Comic Book Graphic Album series ‘L’Armee des Anges” (Army of Angles) and the comic book series “VENTURE”.

As a Freelance Illustrator, he has worked on storyboards and character design, comic book illustrator, product design and freelance consulting for:
Byron Press Multimedia,

  • DC Comics,
  • Dark Angel Productions,
  •  Harris Comics,
  • Indigo Entertainment,
  • Marvel Comics,
  • Milton Bradely Toys,
  • Starbright foundation,
  • Scholastic Books,
  • Scholastic Media and
  • Wizard Entertainment.

Jamal is currently working as a Penciller in DC Comics, on Supergirl, Nightwing, and Firestorm the Nuclear Man.

Join him for the Skopje workshop on Thursday, October 13 at MKC (more info:

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