Saturday, March 26, 2011

English Speaking Contest Finals!

March 19, 2011

All of the American Corners in Macedonia in Skopje, Tetovo, Bitola, Stip and Struga brought their finalists who took part in the 5 preliminaries of the English Speaking Contest at the Cinemateque of Macedonia to perform their speeches on st...age. A total of 195 students ages 12-18 took part in the preliminaries and 35 of them were selected to proceed in the finals. The English Language Fellow- Mary Bromwell was the mastermind behind the whole contest, holding public speaking workshops in all of the 5 Corners to help the students prepare for their speeches better.

A special addition to this year’s contest was the new “Cultural” category. This category was created by the AC Skopje staff, as part of the Performance Funds project. The students were invited to create speeches that promote multiculturalism and diversity, based on one of the 7 offered quotations on the subject of multiculturalism and tolerance, carefully chosen to represent diverse authors in regards to race, ethnicity, gender, disabilities, social status and background.

This year’s judges along with Mary who were invited to decide who the winners were going to be were either Fulbright students, university professors or Peace Corps representatives. The winners they selected had the honor to meet H.E. Ambassador Philip Reeker who presented the students with their certificates and congratulated them after having heard the winners perform their winning speeches especially for him. The media were invited to interview some of the winners and have them share their excitement not just with their parents, English language teachers of peers who were at Cinemateque, but also with a larger audience who will have the chance to hear about the contest and hopefully decide to participate next year.

We would like to thank Mary Bromwell for her efforts in making this contest a wonderful opportunity for all of the students in Macedonia to practice their public speaking skills, and we hope to have even more students taking part in the contest next year. Thank you to all of the participants who took part in the contest and let us once again congratulate the 4 winners from Skopje and Bitola!

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