Monday, December 6, 2010

The fifth American Corner in Macedonia opens in Struga

The U.S. Embassy opened a new American Corner in Struga on Tuesday, November 30.

This brings the number of American Corners in Macedonia to five, including the already successful Corners in Bitola, Skopje, Tetovo and Stip. The Corners host American speakers and bring cultural and educational events to student audiences and the larger community. The Corners are a great place to learn more about study opportunities at universities in the United States. The Ambassador also visited Niko Nestor and Ibraim Temo high schools to meet with students and Directors, Vasil Maksimovski and Urim Kreka.

"This is our fifth Corner in Macedonia – part of our American Corner program worldwide. The Corners bring cultural and educational events to audiences – but more importantly, they become part of the fabric of their community and a home to students and speakers of English and our guests from the United States." - said Ambassador Reeker in his remarks. (click to read the whole speech)

Ambassador Reeker is joined by Mayor Ramiz Merko of Struga in opening the new
American Corner, as well as Kastriot Dauti (far left) and Xhemi Hajredini (far
right) from the Municipality, the new Corner staff Olgica Totoska (second from left) and Ardita Emush (second from right) and
Public Affairs Officer Angela
Aggeler (center).

VIDEO: see the photos from the event:

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