Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Parties everywhere! oh, my!

Do you know the story behind Halloween?

The pagans who lived in Britain two thousand years ago celebrated their New Year on 1 November. Then the Christians came and people celebrated Hallowmas, a three-day festival between 31 October and 2 November.

31 October was called All Hallow's Eve and slowly the name changed to Halloween.

In November, winter is near, and hundreds of years ago people thought that bad spirits, like ghosts, came in the winter. They wanted the bad spirits to go away, so they made fires outside and made jack-o-lanterns. To do this they took a big autumn vegetable - usually a pumpkin- and cut off the top. They made a big whole inside the pumpkin and cut a face in the side. Then they put a light inside the pumpkin and put the top on again. People still enjoy this today! (from "Seasons and celebrations" by Jackie Maguire)

Don't miss the Halloween party at an American Corner near you!

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