Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Speaking Contest Workshop

The "Cross Country Discussion" exercise

Once again, the American Corner was just not big enough to accommodate everyone that came to learn how they can improve their public speaking skills, in order to apply to our English Speaking Contest!
English Language Fellow Mary Bromwell

The workshop, led my ELF Mary Bromwell started with two videos of a good and a bad public speaker – the audience was asked to comment their styles an give them a grade from 1-5. Mary then covered the basics of Public Speaking: what to do and what not to do; getting the audiences attention, using gestures and movement, voice variations, choosing an interesting topic, using a “hook”, as well as tips on speech delivery.

PCV Elizabeth Hanely, who is leading the Kids Club at the American Corner, shared her story telling tips. YouTube videos were used to illustrate the examples for what does it mean to be a good storyteller.
Elizabeth giving Storytelling tips

Strahil Todorov, who is a debate coach form a youth organization in Veles, delivered an informative speech for the audience and then shared his tips.
Strahil Todorov delivering an informative speech

Ivan Mickovski and Vesna Velevska, also debate coaches from the Youth Educational Forum gave a presentation that started with the presenters answering their cell phones and chewing gum, as a way of how NOT to start your speech. Their presentation then continued with tips on how to deliver a successful persuasive speech.
Ivan Mickovski and Vesna Velevska giving examples what NOT to do

At the end, there were several speaking games prepared for the attendees: from delivering a persuasive 1 minute speech on “Which profession should be saved if the world came to and end, and why”, to talking about something that you are worst at – as if you are the best, trying to talk to your partner at the end of the other room, while the others are interrupting, speaking for 30 seconds without using filler words Umm, Like, Ah, Er and lost of other fun, but useful activities.

Here are some examples of their speeches:

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