Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 25 is Memorial Day!

How do Americans celebrate Memorial Day?

Memorial Day, held during the last Monday of May, is not merely an extra day off of school or work. This day is a day that recognizes and commemorates men and women who have given their lives to military services over the years. It has been celebrated since the Civil War and continues to be a day of reflection.
There are different things you can do to help restore the meaning of Memorial Day.

  • Have a local parade in the honor of those who have died serving our country. The parade can include pictures and names of those who have died. Uniforms that have been worn in different wars can be placed on a float. Everyone can take a moment of silence at the end of the parade to honor those who have sacrificed themselves for our country.

  • Have a Memorial Day party. At the party you can talk about the true meaning of Memorial Day. Have everyone bring something to the party that would symbolize the meaning of Memorial Day. For example, someone can bring movies related to the Memorial Day theme. Another person can bring pictures and postcards that show some of the solders that fought in a war.

  • Place a flag outside of your home. The flag symbolizes the people who have fought and died for our country. It not only shows that we remember but it is also a good way to remind others who pass your home.

  • Take a trip to a memorial museum. This is a great way to learn about those who have died in a war. You will get to hear stories and see pictures. Many times there are tours given by professionals who can answer any questions you may have.

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