Friday, October 31, 2008

Bouquet of Thanks

'Tis the season to express everything you are thankful for. This simple project makes a wonderful centerpiece that's not only colorful, but interactive as well! Have your kids make these leaf cards and as your guests arrive, ask them to write what they are thankful for inside. Just before dinner, have everyone choose a card from the bouquet and take turns reading them out loud.

What you'll need:

Construction paper (yellow, red, brown, green, and orange)


Black Sharpie marker

Dowels and/or craft sticks

White craft glue

Basket of your choice (weaved baskets work well)

Floral foam

Spanish or American moss

Wide decorative ribbon

Leaf Paten (see printable PDF of leaves)

How to make it:

Cut out leaves from pattern sheet or make your own.

Fold construction paper in half evenly.

Lay leaf pattern so that the end of the leaf rests on the crease.

Trace around the leaf pattern and cut it out, you should end up with leaf-shaped cards.

Write the name of each of your guests on the front of the leaves.

After your guests have written what they are thankful for inside the card, glue a dowel or craft stick to the back of it and let it dry.

Tie a piece of decorative ribbon around the rim of a basket.

Place a chunk of floral foam inside the basket and cover with moss.

As the sticks dry, insert them through the moss and into the floral foam.


Our pattern has three different leaves to accommodate different age groups. There is a simple oval-shaped leaf for small children, an intricate leaf for older kids, and one that falls in between the two. Choose patterns based on your child's age and comfort level.

Parents can prepare the basket ahead of time in a matter of minutes. This will allow the children to concentrate on cutting and gluing.

You may want to hot glue the floral foam inside the bottom of the basket to keep it from moving around as people begin "plucking" the bouquet. You can also hot glue the moss onto the foam if you like.

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